Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Online Coffee Table Book

One of my hobbies as an architect is browsing through books and magazines for design ideas. My habit is to bookmark each idea with post-its and sometimes even write some notes on these pieces of paper. It's not actually as tedious as it sounds. In fact it's something I enjoy doing.

However, the books especially the hard bound architectural books are becoming too expensive already. That's why I've turned to the internet for inspiration. But I still would like to be able to leave notes on each design I encounter, thus the creation of this blog!

As my personal online coffee table book, this is going to be a repository of all design ideas for that dream house that I would like to build one day. I hope this blog will not only be useful to me. I hope this also becomes a source of inspiration to all those who plan to build their own designer homes.

- Architect Reena


  1. bago mong blog. i cant wait to read more. feel at home ako dito ah

  2. hi red. hahaha.. hindi pa ready to. baka nga magpalit ako ng site eh. hehe. balitaan kita. :) thanks

  3. Congratulations to your new site,Reena!!^_^

  4. uy salamat nuts!! hahaha. ndi ko na nga nabisita to eh. pero gagawa nga ako ng new blog just for arki stuff.

  5. I'm looking forward for a grand launching for this site.. make a buzz.. :)

  6. Wow, nice idea for a blog!

    For a frustrated architect, I would like to take a glimpse what's inside an architects mind. Or sample things that she sees interesting.

  7. Sige follow na kita so I won't miss your design updates hehehe para mahawa or I learn something...
    Got here from nut's page.

  8. hi reena, gudmorning, hope we could be friends exchanging comments..btw here's my fb account..
    hope to see more stories on your blog..GODBLESS

  9. Wow such a great idea for sure your blog will be an inspiration:)

    Goodluck! looking forward to see wonderful photos:)


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