Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shabby Chic Bedroom

I renovated my bedroom late last year which I used to share with my younger sister. It was a small room for two single-sized beds so our beds had been obscurely arranged ever since we were kids. One was placed perpendicular to the other which we know is bad feng shui. But that is not why I renovated the bedroom. My sister got married and I finally had the bedroom to myself which gave me more freedom to impose my own design ideas. :)

I have always liked shabby chic designs since college days. I always watch out for Rachel Aswell's television shows, the shabby chic tv guru. There is something really charming and comfortable about this design which makes it perfect for my ideal bedroom.

Because this was my first shabby chic project, I had to turn to the internet for more inspirations. My research proved to be very useful. Below are just some of the bedroom designs I really, really liked:

 Like many other designs, this shabby chic blog features a white monochromatic bedroom using light veneers on the walls, white ceilings and natural looking carpet on the floor.

Shabby chic designs usually use white and pastel colors and distressed furnishings just like in the bedroom featured in tumbler site
This blog attests that floral prints are a staple in any shabby chic design.  

My bedroom has been completely renovated but it still lacks some of the small details that will make it a true-blue shabby chic model. I will blog about the outcome of my bedroom in the succeeding posts.